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For help obtaining the person's Railroad Retirement Board claim number, see: U. If your ancestor died before or they are deceased, but not in the SSDI and you believe they may have applied for a Social Security Card, you can still obtain a copy of their SS-5 you will need to provide proof of death.

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The first SS-5s were used in late The Social Security Administration does not have information about people who died before about when Social Security payments were first paid out. The SSDI has very few entries for people who died from Try the state listings below for some death indexes before and for other time frames Chances are you are preoccupied dealing with a painful illness.

You are concerned about your financial future, about how you will get by without a steady source of income. He was honest, explained endlessly in terms that were understandable. Paul Young guided me through the process from beginning consultation to the end of case.

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Highly satisfied and grateful for his expertise. Read more. Using the Social Security Death Index. How to Use the SSDI The Death Index is an absolutely sprawling data source, encompassing no fewer than 89 million records which are updated on a weekly basis.

How to Use the SSDI

The last place the person was known to be living. Whether the person received a lump sum payment through the SSA. Death has always been an important, if not the ultimate outcome in cohort studies, particularly for cardiovascular studies.

This is not only a costly endeavor but often ends up with an inevitable number of patients lost to follow-up. Recently, federal databases have become available to investigators to track death as an outcome. The advantage of these databases is that there is an incentive for the federal government to maintain their accuracy to help administer Social Security and other federal benefits.

The National Death Index NDI requires a formal submission and request for a third-party search at cost to the investigator. The SSDI has the advantage in that it is free and online. The purpose of this study was to validate the accuracy of the SSDI to determine whether it could be easily used as a source of death outcomes for researchers. After obtaining IRB approval, we identified a consecutive sample of patients presenting with syncope from an existing ED study database. The search was done at least one year after the initial ED visit to allow ample time for completion of the database.

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If the patient was said to be dead, we requested the death certificate from the state in which they died usually California to confirm that it was a person from our study cohort. We then had a research coordinator blinded to the results of the SSDI search, complete direct follow-up. This was done by contacting the patients themselves, their families or their primary care physicians to determine their vital status and date of death. We used direct confirmation of death from these three sources as the criterion reference.

All 30 patients deemed dead by the SSDI had confirmatory death certificates.

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There were a variety of causes of death in the selected cohort as illustrated in the Figure. For the patients with direct follow-up 20 were determined to be dead and 88 alive.

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Of the 12 patients not able to be contacted through direct follow-up, the SSDI indicated that 10 were dead and two alive. In this study we found that the readily available online SSDI was an accurate and facile database to determine death outcomes. It showed excellent sensitivity and specificity for those for whom we could complete direct follow-up, as well as information on patients who we could not contact, including 10 with confirmatory death certificates primary endpoint, The database is available online and does not require cost or special expertise.