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On the inmates approved visitor sheet an adult must be listed. You will need to show your government ID before visiting. Visitations are only for adults 18 and up.

Paytel Communication contracts with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff for their phone services. These phones are payphones. All phone calls at the Spotsylvania County Sheriff are monitored and recorded. Inmates are only allowed to minutes phone calls. The individual receiving the collect call is the one responsible for any fees associated with the collect call.

If you want to send a letter to an inmate you will have to send it to the address listed below:. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Pre court papers located in the Circuit Court for the City of Fredericksburg , Virginia, are being processed for archival storage. As part of this on-going project, a database containing the names of primary parties plaintiffs, defendants, deponents, petitioners, etc has been created.

Also included are names and places of historical or genealogical significance.

What happens after a capias warrant is issued in Virginia?

Words are generally entered into the database spelled as they were found in the original documents typos excepted. Consequently, several variations of a word may be found. Search accordingly. Papers in the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives are from the following entities:.

Authorized by the incorporation of the town by the Virginia General Assembly, Fredericksburg's Mayor's Court qualified Councilmen and officers of the Corporation, issued warrants for violations of local ordinances, heard evidence against those who violated local ordinances and kept records of executions, fines and fees paid.

Much of the civil casework of the Mayor's Court involved petty sums, consequently these actions often involved marginalized individuals who may not appear elsewhere in the public record. Civil actions on appeal and criminal matters resulting in conviction were sent to the next higher court i. Fredericksburg achieved independent city status population over 5, in , when the Hustings Court legally became a Corporation Court. Oddly, the town had been calling the former entity "Corporation Court" years before that date.

Fredericksburg achieved first class city status population over 10, in District Courts, created to relieve the General Court of the congestion of common law cases, were established in eighteen Virginia localities and the district of Kentucky in Each district was comprised of several counties; court was held twice a year in each district. General Court judges presided over District Courts.

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District Courts were abolished in , and replaced by Superior Courts of Law. Superior Courts of Law were created in , superseding the District Courts, but maintaining the same district structure for criminal and civil cases.

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A post office box number is not enough for service. If the defendant is a business, it may be a corporation or partnership, or it may be trading under an assumed name. It will list the real name of the owner of the business, the name of an agent if the owner resides somewhere else, and an physical address where the owner or agent can be found.

Penalties for Failure to Appear in Virginia

Ask the clerk of court about the cost. These fees must be paid in cash, by certified check, or by money order.

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In addition to the copies you file with the court, you should make two extra copies of the papers you are filing. Keep one copy for your own records. Careful plaintiffs take one more step. Send a copy of the civil warrant by first-class mail to the defendant at least ten 10 days before the date when the plaintiff and defendant are to come to court for their first appearance in the dispute.

If you do not take these steps, you cannot get judgment on the trial date if the defendant fails to come to court which often happens , and the case will have to be continued until the ten-day notice requirement has been met. After filing, the papers are sent to the sheriff of the county or city where the defendant is located or the plaintiff may use a private process server to serve the papers on the defendant.

Spotsylvania County, Virginia Warrants and Arrest Records

If there is no good service, the court cannot try the case. You will have to find a better address, or seek the advice of an attorney. The civil warrant will include a date and time when the defendant and the plaintiff must come to court for the trial of their dispute. All of the cases scheduled for trial on the same date may require the parties to appear at the same time.

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However, the cases will be called one at a time when the parties will approach the judge concerning their case. In this case, the court will enter a judgment for the plaintiff on the trial date based on enough evidence from the plaintiff to support the claim. The defendant has lost the case. If you cannot show the court that you have mailed a copy of the civil warrant to the defendant at least ten days ago, the case will be continued, and default judgment will not be entered until you can show that you have done so.

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Any party who wishes to call witnesses should consider having the witness served with a subpoena, even if the witness has agreed to appear at the trial or is a defendant. If the witness has received the subpoena at least five days before trial and the testimony is important to the case, the judge will usually continue the case to a later date if the witness does not appear and the party asks for the continuance. Otherwise, the trial usually will go forward without that witness.

The party will need to give the name and current home address of the witness being subpoenaed.