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The storm inflicted tens of billions of dollars in damage to New Jersey, and severely da S Establishes process for recovery of Superstorm Sandy aid overpayments an S Requires school bus drivers to retake certain knowledge test upon licens This bill requires school bus drivers to retake the school bus endorsement knowledge test each time the school bus driver applies to renew the driver's commercial driver's license in order to maintain the driver's school A Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for SCR Adopts a new policy governing discrimination and harassment for use by t SR Condemns all racist and discriminatory comments directed at elected offi Condemns all racist and discriminatory comments directed at elected officials in all levels of government or made, supported or ignored by such officials as part of political discourse in America.

A Requires safety education training twice per calendar year for school bu This bill codifies the State Board of Education regulation, N. S Eliminates supplemental realty transfer fee. This bill eliminates the supplemental realty transfer fee imposed by P. The supplemental fee has a graduated structure.

S Requires each board of education to adopt policy establishing temperatur This bill requires each board of education to adopt a policy establishing temperature control standards and guidelines for school district facilities. The policy must ensure, to the greatest extent feasible, that school b S Permits minors to work until 11 p. This bill revises the hours a minor who is 14 or 15 years of age may work with permission from a parent or legal guardian. If enacted, the bill would allow minors who are 14 or 15 years of age to work until 11 p.

S Requires certain health care practitioners to disclose criminal and disc This bill requires physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, and chiropractors to disclose to patients information concerning certain criminal convictions and final disciplinary actions prior to providing care, tre S Requires State park and forest restroom facilities to include an exclusi This bill requires all State park and forest restroom facilities include as part of the restroom facilities a "family" restroom that allows for parents and children of either sex to use the facility simultaneous S Increases fines for failing to have required markings on commercial vehi This bill increases the fines for failing to display certain required information on commercial vehicles.

Current law requires the owner, lessee, or lessor of commercial vehicles, with the exception of passenger automobil SCR58 Urges Congress to investigate claims that insurance companies have used Urges Congress to investigate claims that insurance companies have used revised engineering reports to deny flood claims from Superstorm Sandy. S Requires fire suppression systems in all elementary and secondary school This bill requires the installation of automatic fire suppression systems in elementary and secondary schools 12, square feet or larger. Under the bill's provisions, the Commissioner of Education, in consultation with S Changes law regulating size limits of lobsters.

This bill amends current law authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection to regulate the size limits of lobsters caught for commercial and personal use by clarifying that these size limits would apply only to l S Directs Commissioner of Education to encourage implementation of Natural This bill directs the Commissioner of Education to work with the national nonprofit organization Natural High to encourage the implementation of the Natural High Drug Prevention Program in each school district.

The progra S Requires school districts to provide instruction on the dangers of texti This bill requires school districts to provide instruction on the dangers of cell phone usage and text messaging while driving as part of the implementation of the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Comprehensive Health S Requires installation of emergency power supply systems to certain commo This bill would require the installation of an emergency power supply system to supply standby power to each clubhouse or community room in a new common interest community. Hurricane Sandy resulted in prolonged power outa S Authorizes court to impose rescue operation costs of public entity under This bill authorizes a court to impose the expense of a recovery or rescue operation by a public entity upon a person in violation of certain criminal mischief and motor vehicle operation laws.

Specifically, the bill allo S Prohibits additional jughandles on roads or highways in the State. This bill prohibits the planning, designing, or construction of any additional jughandles on the public roads or highways in the State.

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The prohibition applies to roads or highways under the jurisdiction of the State, cou S Provides certain immunities from spectator-based lawsuits arising from y This bill would provide parties immunity from lawsuits by a spectator or party related to the spectator for damages arising out of and in the course of the competition, practice, or instructional activity associated with S Prohibits sale, distribution, and use of urea as an ice melt.

This bill prohibits the sale and use of urea as an ice melt in the State, but does not prohibit any of its other uses. An ice melt, as defined in the bill, is a substance applied to an outdoor surface for the purpose of m S Exempts certain motor vehicles that are owned by certain nutrition progr This bill exempts, from motor vehicle registration fees, motor vehicles not used for pleasure or for hire that are owned by any local nutrition program for seniors that is a Meals on Wheels America member.

Meals on Wheels SCR Proposes constitutional amendment to exclude military disability income S Requires explosive gas detectors to be installed in certain residential This bill requires explosive gas sensor devices in certain dwelling units. When certain gases, such as methane and propane, reach high densities in a confined space, an explosion may occur.

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These events are dangerous and S Establishes mandatory penalties for committing burglary and theft during This bill amends the "Disaster Control Act" by establishing additional mandatory penalties for committing theft, robbery or burglary, acts commonly referred to as looting, during an emergency. Under the Disaster Control A S Exempts disabled veterans from beach buggy permit fees.

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This bill would exempt disabled veterans from fees to obtain a beach buggy permit. Multiple municipal beaches and State parks permit the operation of certain motorized vehicles on beach property, provided the owner of the S Establishes training for law enforcement officers interacting with pregn This bill requires the Department of Law and Public Safety to develop or identify training course materials and an online tutorial for law enforcement officers concerning interaction with any pregnant woman who is in labo The bill provides a reimb S Prohibits public utility from filing rate increase petition under certai This bill prohibits the Board of Public Utilities board from considering, reviewing, or approving, and prohibits a public utility from being permitted to file, a request for a rate increase during any period of time whe S Excludes passenger and freight rail projects from purposes for which rev This bill amends existing law to exclude passenger and freight rail projects from being funded by the petroleum products gross receipts tax increase enacted on October 14, S Requires newly-constructed grocery stores to have generators.

S Clarifies crime of unlawful access concerning certain password protected This bill amends the provisions of New Jersey's wiretapping statute dealing with unlawful access to stored communications, section 21 of P. S Prevents State school aid reduction in school districts that experienced This bill provides that a school district located in a county of the fifth or sixth class will not experience a reduction in State school aid relative to the school year if the district's equalized valuation for S Upgrades unlawful taking thefts in certain instances.

Currently, theft by unlawful taking under N. Package theft from residences is a crime punishable under N. S Allows shore municipalities to provide spouse and dependent children of This bill would permit shore municipalities, by ordinance, to provide free or reduced fee beach access to the spouse and dependent children, over the age of 12 years, of veterans who have served in any of the Armed Forces S Requires suspension without pay and health care benefits if public offic This bill provides that if a person who holds any public office, position, or employment is formally charged with a crime or offense under the laws of this State, or of a substantially similar offense under the laws of an S Exempts certain transactions of residential property involving senior, b This bill exempts the sale of owner-occupied residential property by senior, blind, and disabled citizens from the general purpose fee, one of the fees levied on the transfer of title to real property, which are collectiv S Revises polysomnography license fees.

This bill revises the requirements for polysomnography license fees.


S Provides for court dismissal, with prejudice, of civil actions for which This bill, concerning civil actions dealing with real estate for which notices of lis pendens are filed, would permit a defendant to move to have the action dismissed with prejudice based on the plaintiff's on-going failu S Prohibits utility from billing customer for costs incurred for certain u The bill requires a public utility customer who has completed a qualified construction project to, within 90 days of completion of the construction, provide to the Board of Public Utilities board and to the customer's p S Requires local governing body and DCA to suspend collection of certifica This bill requires local governing bodies and the Department of Community Affairs DCA to suspend the collection of fees for certificates of inspection, certificates of occupancy, continuing certificates of occupancy or S Requires State to lower compensation rate of civilly committed sexually This bill requires civilly committed sexually violent predators to be compensated at the same rate for institutional work as State inmates are compensated for comparable work, including, but not limited to, assignments as S Requires police notification when driver's license is suspended.

This bill requires the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, upon the suspension or revocation of a person's driver's license, to notify through electronic means the law enforcement agency with j S Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for emplo This bill provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for employing immediate family members of members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were killed in action.

The two credits established by S Requires State aid reduction to municipalities and school districts by a This bill would require each municipality to report to the Director of the Division of Local Government Services annually, as part of its budget, the amount paid by a municipality to its employees for accumulated absences S Requires Family Part under certain circumstances to dispose of charge of This bill would prevent defendants who are arrested a second or subsequent time for contempt of a domestic violence restraining order from being released on bail while awaiting trial.

Instead, in these cases a Superior Co S Requires interior light of motor vehicle be turned on when stopped by la This bill requires the driver of a motor vehicle to turn on the interior light of a motor vehicle when stopped by a law enforcement officer under certain circumstances.

Under current law, a law enforcement officer may req S Clarifies that fishing license is not required to fish at a private comm This bill would specify that a fishing license is not required in order for a resident of a private community, or the authorized guests thereof, to take fish from a private community lake in the resident's community.

S Doubles amount of certain retirement income that may be excluded from gr This bill doubles the amount of certain retirement income a qualified person 62 years of age or older or disabled may exclude from taxable income under the New Jersey gross income tax over a two-year period. The bill incr S Increases penalties for unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, or dispe This bill would increase the penalties for unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing fentanyl. Fentanyl is an anesthetic and analgesic, first synthesized in the 's, that in recent years has become a drug o S Provides gross income tax deduction for certain E-ZPass tolls paid.

This bill provides a deduction from New Jersey gross income for certain tolls paid on State toll roads via the E-ZPass system. If you're having trouble getting things done, here are seven tried-and-true tactics to help move the process along. Rule number one of dealing with landlords is that you should always put your requests and complaints in writing, especially for a big repair job.

Ideally by certified mail, so no one can claim they lost your letter or that your email got caught in the spam folder. This serves to create a paper trail in the event you end up taking them to court. It also has a way of getting their attention, fast. Some leases also have provisions for how the landlord prefers to be contacted, so check yours before you reach out, and act accordingly. If you have multiple, documented attempts to get in touch with the landlord to solve a problem, this will work in your favor in any kind of legal dispute down the road.

Sure, it might seem unfair to have to tip someone simply to do their job, but the fact remains that there's no better way to get a super's attention than a little cash, even if it just means getting moved to the head of the line above the 20 other tenants clamoring for attention. Ever notice how supers become more responsive during the final months of the year?

That's because they have dreams of large holiday tips dancing in their heads. A tip can also get your repair done better—inducing, for example, your super to replace your broken fridge with a new one instead of the cast-off in the basement. If you've exhausted your options and are dealing with something arguably dangerous to health, life, and safety such as vermin, dangerous electrical wires, unreasonable noise, leaks, damaged ceilings, or mold , call Here's what happens when you do: The city will send out an inspector from either Housing Preservation and Development or the Department of Buildings, or even the Department of Health, depending on the type of problem.

But usually, it will be rolled back to whatever it was before the most recent increase until the landlord restores all services.

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Obviously, this is going to be a last-case scenario. This option requires a little background information first: The city sorts violations into three categories—Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A is a non-hazardous condition, such as a minor leak or a small area of peeling paint when there are no children under the age of 6. Class B is a hazardous violation, like the absence of a self-closing door to the building for security or the presence of vermin e.

If the city has already issued a violation, you can look up its classification on the relevant agency's website. If not, peruse the Housing Maintenance Code to see how your problem will likely be classified. If your problem falls into one of these categories, you can file an HP Proceeding , which Wagner likes to refer to as the Nuclear Bomb. Housing court clerks help prepare the necessary papers to start the HP proceeding.

Since you will not need a lawyer, it costs you practically nothing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, PTC makes no representation and will have no responsibility on the accuracy and enforcement of this ruling. Cardholders should consult their accountant when making a determination on handling taxation relating to Program-related Rebates. Issues concerning Rebates when a Cardholder sells its property are the sole responsibility of the Cardholder and its buyer.

When moving to another location in the same town, the Cardholder may edit the information on its account and any unpaid rebates on its account will be automatically transferred to the new account. However if the Cardholder moves out of town and sells its property, then it is the responsibility of the Cardholder to negotiate payment of the outstanding credits with its buyer.

PTC will not have any involvement in the private transaction of transferring the property tax credit from one Cardholder to another. When a Cardholder returns an item that was previously subject to a Rebate, the original purchase receipt, the Rebate receipt and the Card must be presented for full reimbursement. You may request reimbursement of the fee by writing to Fincredit, PO Box 43, Marlboro NJ or by sending an email with the transaction details to Support propertytaxcard. Notwithstanding the foregoing, returns are subject to the return policy of the Merchants participating to the Program.

PTC makes no representation or has no opinion or takes any responsibility with regard to the return policy of Merchants. Upon registering the Card, an account is created whereby the Cardholders may review their purchase activity at participating Merchants and monitor their Rebates. Cardholders acknowledge and agree that PTC will have no responsibility as to the accuracy of this information.

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