Vybrant cfda se cell tracer kit


Catalog Number: V Experimental Design and Results Summary. Application Flow Cytometry. Starting Material Primary mouse B cell lymphomas. Protocol Overview Tumor cells in suspension were collected and then washed. Tips This reagent will need to be optimized for the particular cell population and flow cytometer being used, because it easily gets too bright for analysis and at high concentrations can kill your cells if the cells need to be incubated longer than just to stain.

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The Bad It takes longer than your standard stain, and there is some optimization to be worked out based on cell size and viability. The Bottom Line Great way to label cells for downstream flow cytometry assays, if there is time and reagents available to optimize. Subscribe to eNewsletters.

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Product Review. Good antibody for efficient detection of Cd11b on mice immune cells.

Vybrant CFDA SE Cell Tracer Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific | thechimasyst.tk

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Molecular Probes' Vybrant CFDA SE Cell Tracer Kit

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