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A Magical Story - J. Rowling Similar to Winfrey's story, J.

Pakistani Famous People Who Were Poor Before Entering Into Showbiz

She began writing the series while she was on welfare and by incorporating some of the darker elements of her own life - the loss of her mother and battle with depression - into the novels, Rowling's books became a success after an initial press of 1, sold out, giving way to Potter mania. Signing The Stars - David Geffen David Geffen is a name that many of you will have heard, but few will understand the significance. Geffen grew up poor in Brooklyn, living in a one-bedroom apartment with his family and sleeping on the couch.

Geffen did poorly in high school and flunked out of college, but his natural gift in spotting and developing musical talent — along with business sense that he learned from his mother - made him a millionaire by the time he was Can you make an elite salary with a basic education? Yes you can! Carter is as much a businessman as he is a performer, but began his life in the Brooklyn's Marcy Housing Projects. Carter was raised by his mother, and was involved in crime when growing up - at 12 he shot his brother in the arm for stealing his jewelry.

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Carter began as a rapper and went on to become involved in everything from nightclubs and clothing to being a part owner of the New Jersey Nets. She also was ranked as the top-earning singer of the decade by U. Not bad for the 14th! Like many of these rag-to-riches stories, it seems Celine's success owed as much to luck as talent - she was discovered singing when she was 12 and continued to create more songs and make more money.

10 Poor People Who Became Billionaires

Making this dream come true takes work, but it's well worth the effort. The recently separated Twain grew up in Timmins, Ontario in a household that was too poor to pay for heat, and at times couldn't afford to buy food. Twain continued her singing career into high school and was soon on her way to becoming the highest-selling female musician of all time. The Bottom Line From inner-city housing projects to rural homesteads without heat, many of the most famous and wealthy celebrities had very humble beginnings.

What brought all of these stars from rags to riches was focusing in on their natural talents, dedicating themselves to its development and not stopping until they had a hefty bank account. It just goes to show that you don't have to be born rich to become rich.

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Company Profiles. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Achieving Global Goal 3 and 10 much? I think so. In addition to her accomplishments, she grew up in extremely humble beginnings. Her parents immigrated to the US from Panama. Burns grew up in a housing project in New York, and started as an intern at Xerox in Aside from ambition, talent, and being fearless, what else did Ursula Burns have access to in order to succeed and become the first African-American woman of a Fortune company?

Burns went to an all girls Catholic high school, and dreamed of becoming an engineer. Burns is my favorite example of the power of women in STEM fields. Image: Flickr: Al Jazeera English. The Prime Minister of India is an example of a world leader who had extremely humble beginnings. Modi grew up in Northern India in Vadnagar as one of six children to parents. Fun fact—PM Modi is also the second highest followed politician on social media after President Obama. Image: Flickr: Talita Oliveira. Prior to her work in politics and strong environmentalism in Brazil, Silva conquered five battles against malaria, did not learn to read until she was a teenager, and grew up in conditions of poverty, according to this article from Time magazine.

She was one of eleven children, three of which died at young ages.

14 Famous Black Celebrities Who Grew Up In Extreme Poverty

Image: Flickr: Rogelio. Benjamin Franklin is often known more as one of the founding fathers in US history. Franklin is credited with creating bifocals, that whole Daylight Saving Time, and a smokeless coal stove. But Benjamin Franklin had a financially fragile upbringing before co-signing the Declaration of Independence.

2. Howard Schultz

Franklin had to drop out of school at the age of ten to become an indentured servant to a printmaker. Side note: while Franklin was pulled from formal school, he was able to continue reading, writing, and learning during his servitude in printmaking which kind of reinforces the importance of education in a weird way.

Ed Sheeran – if you got it, flaunt it!

Jay-Z spent his part of his childhood years living in the Marcy Housing Projects , and selling drugs after his father left to provide for himself and his mother according to RollingStone magazine. Jay-Z has spoken on issues of poverty, and the challenges of growing up in a poor and dangerous neighborhood.

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As a man worth over half a billion US dollars according to Forbes, Jay-Z is one of the wealthiest hip-hop artists in the world. And he uses his influence to raise awareness on global issues that affect poverty. In Jay-Z met with UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan and pledged to use his worldwide tour that year to promote the need for clean water and sanitation. In addition, he performed at Global Citizen Festival and spoke further on the need to end extreme poverty. Although these people have accomplished incredible things, no child should have to grow up in poverty. Children all over the world need access to education and I think each of these influential people show that when you provide basic services like education and access to healthcare, great things can happen.

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