Yellow pages vs web site advertising

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All Rights Reserved. Draw in more shoppers Grab attention with impactful ad campaigns that bring in meaningful customer contacts, both online and on mobile. Focus on your priorities Target the most valuable keywords, areas and potential customers—and show the right products and services at the right time.

Should My Business Pay to Be Listed on Yellow Pages? – Digital Brand Lounge

Rely on certified pros Trust a team of over 30 Google-certified SEM experts who get the consistent results you need. Use pay-per-click PPC campaigns: spend your budget only when people click on your ads.

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Choose the level of expert support that fits with your budget. Track how many times your phone ring as a direct result of your ads.

Yellow Pages Obsolete? Try Free Online Video Advertising

Get a landing page to track and increase the number of people who take action after clicking on your ads. Target the best keywords and bid competitively based on your budget, your type of business and your goals. First, take the cost of the ad and divide it by your average sale, then, figure out how many phone calls it takes to make a sale.

That means 67 people would have to call your business from a Yellow Pages ad in order for your phone book advertising to break even. Follow Isabella Andersen on Twitter.

Should Small Businesses Still Book Yellow Page Ads?

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