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Back to Police. You MUST apply for a LTP a pistol if any of the following apply: Purchase of a pistol from an individual who is not a licensed gun dealer A pistol is registered in another state, but the owner of the pistol is moving to Michigan The pistol is inherited Requirements to obtain a LTP: 18 years of age to purchase from a private citizen in MI or 21 to purchase from a federally licensed dealer Valid picture identification US citizen or Resident Legal Alien must show I card Must not be otherwise legally prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm i.

LTP applications will be processed, and permits issued, with due speed and diligence, as required by state law.

Michigan Policies in Relation to Public Data:

One permit is needed for each weapon. You need not be a resident to obtain this service. No appointment is necessary.

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The U. Citizenship and Immigration Office in Detroit requires that prints be taken by them for U. The most widely used source of criminal information is the Michigan State Police.

Get a Copy of Your Michigan Criminal Record

If you think your criminal record may contain convictions that do not belong to you, the first step is to figure out which record is incorrect. For example, if you have been denied a job or housing because of a record that does not belong to you, ask the employer or landlord for a copy of your record. Once you know where the incorrect information is coming from, you can begin the steps to correct it.

If there are mistakes in more than one place, you will have to correct the information in each separately. Correcting the information from one source will not automatically correct it for others. Be sure to include your name, race, sex, date of birth, maiden name and all prior married names, along with the necessary forms.

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Make sure to include your return address. Go to the nearest law enforcement agency and request to be fingerprinted. Check first to see what the cost and hours are for providing this service โ€” MSP posts do not charge for fingerprinting, local police stations sometimes do. Click here to see a sample letter requesting a record challenge.

Michigan LEIN system, Info about LEIN

Be sure to include:. If your fingerprints show that the criminal record does not belong to you, the MSP will send you a clearance letter. They will also mark your record with a note that the convictions do not belong to you. Be sure to keep a copy of your clearance letter. You may need to show this letter to potential employers, landlords, etc.

Because of the way the MSP computer system currently works, the convictions will still be listed under your name even after you have proven that they do not belong to you. This letter will be your proof that those convictions do not belong to you.

Records Checks from the Central Repository

If you are the victim of identity theft and you have completed the record challenge process, your information will be suppressed on the identity thief's record and you will receive a clearance letter. If the type or date of the conviction is wrong, or the record shows a conviction that should have been removed, get certified copies of the court documents or any other documents that show that the information contained on the criminal record is incorrect.

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All requests should be submitted in writing on the requesting agencies' letterhead and may be faxed to the court at The request needs to include a return fax and phone number along with the name of the government agent requesting the records. A district court file number must be provided at the time the certificate of conviction is requested.

Persons requesting a certificate of conviction to be mailed should send a check or money order payable to "A District Court" at the time the request for the certificate of conviction is made. Arrow Left Arrow Right.