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And if you successfully complete a probation for a DUI in California, you can file a motion to withdraw your plea or set aside the verdict; this will show in your records that the case was dismissed. Those running for public office or applying for a professional license in the state must disclose a DUI or any conviction from the past 10 years; the same is true for direct questions on an application regarding criminal convictions.

Most states require background checks for certain types of jobs, including anyone who works with children, the elderly or the disabled.

This doesn't necessarily mean a DUI record will preclude such an applicant from consideration, but it could factor into an employer's hiring decision as a perceived character flaw. Also, many state and federal jobs require a background check; but this may depend on the kind of job, such as those requiring a security clearance. Commercial drivers who commit a DUI on the job, or even in their personal vehicle, are prohibited from driving in a professional capacity for a certain period of time.

As of , convictions for major violations committed in a commercial vehicle including a DUI remain on one's CDL record for 55 years. Roughly 20 different types of information may be included in an official background check; these may include driving records, vehicle registration, criminal records, court records, character references, neighbor interviews and incarceration records. Some of this information may be gleaned from a pre-employment questionnaire or the job application itself.

While most such questions are limited to whether or not the applicant has committed a felony, some states allow much broader questions about past charges for crimes. As a rule of thumb, it's usually best to tell the truth; while employers may overlook the admittance of a DUI offense, being caught in a lie usually removes the applicant from consideration for the job. But the internet has proven to be a powerful tool for more informal background checks of job candidates, including online public records and social networking sites such as Facebook.

For example, a steadily increasing percentage of employers admit to using Facebook to review job candidates, which could turn up information about a DUI arrest that otherwise might not show up maybe you or a friend commented on the arrest.

Background Investigator Jobs

In this respect, an applicant who otherwise does not consent to a background check may be subject to one without even knowing. For more information on how employment background checks work, see FindLaw's resources on how employers should properly perform an employee background check. While it's not always an option, often dependent on specific state regulations, a DUI offender may choose to expunge his or her record.

Expungement is a court-ordered process which effectively "seals" a record of arrest or a criminal conviction. Many states limit expungement to just arrests that do not result in a conviction. The charge or conviction is not completely "erased," per se, but is sealed for most purposes, including most employment-related background checks. For more information about expungement, see FindLaw's resources on expungement. Because laws often change, jobseekers should verify the licensing laws related to private investigators with the state and locality in which they want to work.

In most states, detectives and investigators who carry handguns must meet additional requirements. Although there are no licenses specific to computer forensics investigators, some states require them to be licensed private investigators. Even in states and localities where they are not required to be licensed, having a private investigator license is useful because it allows computer forensics investigators to perform related investigative work.

Wisconsin Background Check Laws

Candidates may also obtain certification, although it is not required for employment. Still, becoming certified through professional organizations can demonstrate competence and may help candidates advance in their careers. For investigators who specialize in negligence or criminal defense investigation, the National Association of Legal Investigators offers the Certified Legal Investigator certification.

Communication skills. Private detectives and investigators must listen carefully and ask appropriate questions when interviewing a person of interest.

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Decisionmaking skills. Private detectives and investigators must be able to think on their feet and make quick decisions, based on the limited information that they have at a given time. Private detectives and investigators must want to ask questions and search for the truth. Private detectives and investigators may have to spend long periods conducting surveillance while waiting for an event to occur.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA):

Investigations may take a long time, and they may not provide a resolution quickly—or at all. Private detectives and investigators must work persistently with whatever leads they have, no matter how limited, to determine the next step toward their goal. They sometimes need to anticipate what a person of interest will do next.

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Please try a different city or state. What Does A Background Investigator Do Private detectives and investigators search for information about legal, financial, and personal matters. Investigators may go undercover to observe people and to obtain information. The following are examples of types of private detectives and investigators: Computer forensics investigators specialize in recovering, analyzing, and presenting information from computers to be used as evidence. How To Become A Background Investigator Private detectives and investigators typically need several years of work experience in law enforcement or the military.

Education Education requirements vary greatly with the job, but most jobs require a high school diploma. Training Most private detectives and investigators learn through on-the-job experience, often lasting several years. Work Experience in a Related Occupation Private detectives and investigators typically must have previous work experience, usually in law enforcement, the military, or federal intelligence.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations The vast majority of states require private detectives and investigators to have a license. Important Qualities Communication skills. Do you work as a Background Investigator? Background Investigator Jobs. Undo Filter Reset. Add To My Jobs. Background Investigator Career Paths. Background Investigator.

Security Director. Chief Deputy. Senior Investigator. Assistant Director Of Security. Director Of Public Safety. Chief Of Police. Chief Investigator. Assistant Chief Of Police. Police Captain. Police Detective. Help others decide if this is a good career for them Review Career.

Detective Investigator 9. Federal Investigator 4. Alarm Investigator 4. Special Investigator 4. Lead Investigator 3. Investigator 3. Background Investigator 3. Police Officer Internship Investigator 8. Administrative Assistant 7. Special Agent 6. Security Officer 5. Customer Service Representative 5. Sales Associate 5. Patrol Officer 4.

DUI and Employment Background Checks

Deputy Sheriff 3. Correction Officer 3. Office Assistant 3. Sergeant 3. Detective 2. Supervisor 2. Associate 2. Receptionist 2. Special Investigator 2. Office Manager 2.

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