Level 3 sex offenders in bremerton area

Zip code ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders compared to county and state: Note: Higher values mean more residents per sex offender Kitsap County: 1, Washington: 1, Zip code : Offense date: , Probation: 9A.

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Location: Washington, Offense date: , Probation: 9A. Location: Washington, Offense date: , Probation: 9. Offense date: , Probation: 9. Obits Sections Place an Obituary. Betty Alda Elliott, Pet of the week: Nov.

Florida sheriff: Sex offenders not welcome at shelters

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Edward Boyd. He asked them questions about sex acts they had performed and went into detail about what he wanted to do to them.

Kitsap County zeroes in on regulations for sex offender group homes

Now upon reflection I have seen what I have done was both inappropriate and heinous, both to the girls and their parents. He used marijuana and hallucinogens, which he thinks impaired his judgment, and he had also suffered a massive head injury while longboarding at 14, in which his skull dislocated from the top of his spine and the frontal lobe was damaged. The injury affects his cognition and impulse control, although he noted in his letter to the court that the injury did not excuse his behavior.

A parent saw the Facebook messages and called police. A search of his computer and phone revealed more messages to at least 22 females, according to court documents.

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He was initially charged with six counts, but the final result was three charges. Kellie Pendras , the deputy prosecutor who handled the case, said a number of the girls and their parents dropped out of participating in the prosecution.

She was never told why, but her impression was that awareness of Waring-Enriquez's head injury might have played a part. Sex offenders are classified according to the likelihood they will reoffend. Level 3 being the most likely, Level 1 being the least likely. Bremerton defense attorney Thomas Weaver , who has represented sex offenders and is familiar with the law, said all sex offenses do not cause the same level of harm, and that the level system can lead people to jump to conclusions.

But even among all sex offenders, recidivism rates are relatively low, at about 5 percent, said Kitsap County Sheriff's Detective Phil Doremus , who manages the county's sex offender registration program.

Verdict: House for sexually violent predators a violation of county code

There are registered sex offenders in Kitsap County , and 16 Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders enrolled at all campuses of Olympic College as of April. As a student, Waring-Enriquez said, he faces the same insecurities any college student faces, along with being keenly aware of how people see those convicted of sex crimes.

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Because of his head injury, most of his sentence was served in medical isolation in a 6-foot-byfoot cell at the Kitsap County Jail , he said.