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You Made It Yourself: Now What? 29 Places to Sell Your Handmade Creations

Thanks and happy new year Lela! Great post Lela and thanks for all the hard research. Thanks so much for the informative article. Do you have any other alternatives to ETSY that do hold true to artisan handmade? It just irks me to see the same pictures and product on ebay as i do on ETSY and find it is very hard to compete in the jewelry category with all the obvious imports. Read your shortened version of this post in your email and am so glad I came here to read the full thing!

Such a well-researched post. Thanks so much. Great article and really informative. I had my doubts about the Amazon brand aligning with the handmade items. In really enjoyed reading this informative and relevant newsletter. Thanks putting it so well together, Lela. That Amazon attracts value buyers is a very important point to understand as well.

Thank you for creating an informatice and very well put-together post, Lela. I found it very valuable and agree with everything you wrote. I have been doing business on Amazon for several years and my experience has been fraught with a never ending stream of challenges. I have encountered some additional issues that I would like to add to what you have already mentioned. Very well done! You have pointed out some of the obvious, and some of the not so obvious, problems inherent in dealing with the devil! The other thing that irks me is that there is no Amazon Handmade website.

If they had made it a separate entity, at least you would get people looking for Hand Made. Given all the bad press they are getting, I actually feel sorry for the people who are selling there. I landed here because I went looking for bits of info to confirm a few suspicions of my own regarding A-capitalon Handmade excuse the cheesy pun. I have been selling on Etsy for six months, and all in all, quite happy, but still looking for new customers. I applied at Amazon Handmade and was accepted.

Been listed there for a month. I am using the same titles and descriptions. So far this month I have had views and 50 sales on Etsy.

On Amazon, only 80 views and no sales. I think your description of Value Shoppers is dead on. That is my plan too.

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Hi Bob, I was trying to decide whether to do Amazon handmade, but this post convinced to stick with Etsy and my website. The Etsy traffic is discerning and high end. Curious if you are the person I know from Carbondale. Bill Grant. Thanks for the information. I have had problem with selling on Amazon Handmade. Thank for your input.

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I think I will get off of Amazon because of the high fee. Thank you so much for the info. I thought opening another shop on Amazon would be good to get some more sales, but now I need to think twice. Thank you so much for your well-written insights! My shop is etsy. I did, and was accepted, but I never listed anything.

Not a good idea! The timing is right, the holiday season is coming. If I hurry I can get everything up and running……then that gut feeling came rushing right back again. After reading your insights I agree wholeheartedly.

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Their fees are ridiculous after seeing how you laid it out. And if I remember right they only pay once every two weeks with a hold before that. No thanks! Etsy and Shopify are doing just fine for me. I just laid that idea to rest for good. Thank you! And I love what you said about the best thing to do is work on my own website twice as much as I do on any other platform. Right there are the only words I needed to hear tonight! Interesting article. I have applied to sell on Amazon Handmade, not as a substitute for Etsy, but as a supplement to it.

A VERY successful Etsy seller recently recommended it as a trial, during the fee waiver period to see if that platform is a good fit. I look at Amazon as a parallel of brick and mortar retail options. I have used Etsy, and sold retail since Amazon owns their customers.


Retail outlets own their customers. Most retail locations that sell on consignment have terms and conditions similar to those of Amazon. The retail outlets where I sell do all of the advertising and bring customers to me just by virtue of their reputation of having unique items that are unavailable elsewhere. Amazon has a huge customer base already in existence. As a customer of Amazon, I see identical items sold at wildly different prices, which only stands to reason, would not sit well with the parent retailer.

I cannot see that being an issue with uniquely handmade articles.

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I like Etsy. Just as Etsy has evolved over time and not always in a good way , I think Amazon will evolve, based on making their concept work for every entity concerned. Until the end of , the risk to try it is minimal. I already signed up and after reading this article and the comments, I was worried I made the wrong choice.

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Hi Mary, and many thanks for your comments. I hope Amazon works out well for you. However, my work with clients centers upon making decisions that are rooted in the long-term best interest of these small creative brands and I spend a great deal of time working to reposition them from commodities to real brands. What they gain in the short term in terms of sales pales in comparison to what they lose in terms on long-term opportunities.

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I agree that the cost of Etsy fees described here are not entirely accurate. I have sold on Etsy for 10 years and have had a successful shop there. I also have started a shop on Amazon handmade. Listing fees, transaction fees, and fees charged for credit card processing etc, then your shipping is added to your bill. I pay enough in Etsy fees to rent a small retail office space. I am feeling ripped off. Amazon fees are very expensive for sure, but at least all the fees are deducted out of each sale so you never have a big bill to pay at the first of each month, you pay as you go.

I like that. The Amazon platform is slow and awful to work with. It is not user friendly, is hard to use and so time consuming to list items. You have to use a regular desktop to do it, so the seller mobile app is a joke! I hope over time it will improve. I am still trying to work with it though. I found this blog while I was searching for answers.