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Liechtenstein 00 2.

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Malta 3. Norway 1. Poland 2 Portugal Switzerland French 00 2. Switzerland German 00 2. Turkey 2. Egypt 1 South Africa 1.

Australia 61 1 Accessibility and assistive technology 61 1. Brunei 2. Fiji 61 3. India 1 4. Japan Within Japan: Outside Japan: 81 Macau 1. Papua New Guinea 61 3.

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Singapore Within Singapore: Outside Singapore: 65 1. South Korea 4. Thailand Within Thailand: 5.

Tonga 61 3. Vanuatu 61 3. Bahrain 1. Israel 1 2. Kuwait 1. Lebanon dial 01 first, then dial 2. Oman 1 Qatar 1. United Arab Emirates 1 Telephone numbers are subject to change. Contact Apple for support and service See a list of Apple phone numbers around the world. The tents belong to some African nationals who crossed jungles, forded rivers, sneaked across borders and dodged militias and thieves to get here in hopes of eventually reaching the United States.

But now they are stuck, because Mexico has denied them the travel visas necessary to proceed north. Mexican national guard troops and riot police keep close watch over the multi-hued camp, where mosquitoes swarm in puddles. Rain and a fetid stream provide cooking water and many complain of rashes, stomach cramps and other ailments. In the saga of migrants trying to reach the United States, the dominant narrative of late features Central Americans, who account for the vast majority of the , foreigners whom Mexico has deported this year under pressure from the Trump administration to prevent them from reaching the U.

Mexican authorities apprehended a record 4, migrants from Africa in the first seven months of this year โ€” nearly four times the number detained during the same period in โ€” but deported only two. The difficulty is that many African countries have no embassies or consular representatives here, and some of the migrants possess no verifiable identification. And so the majority remain stranded.

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Those interviewed here said they fled violence, persecution and poverty, ethnic and religious strife and political repression back in their homelands. They kill people. Nearby, Sani, 33, said he was among more than a dozen people at the camp who had fled the West African nation of Ghana to escape systematic persecution of gay men. Jack Lume, 33, a tailor from Togo in West Africa , displayed a photograph on his cellphone of a memorial service.

The body of a young man lay on white satin inside an open coffin surrounded by mourners. Most flew to Brazil, Ecuador or other countries in South America and then moved overland in buses, boats and on foot. Then a man came and helped get us out and saved us.

Her mother, Dina Kyala Buna, 26, rinsed beans in a pot of water outside the family tent as her daughter recounted the perilous passage. Brandishing his cellphone, a burly Ghanaian man scrolled to a photo of what appeared to be a dead woman, half naked, sprawled on the rocks of a rushing river.

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Many bodies! They intend to seek asylum at the U. Their pleas for visas to cross Mexico have grown increasingly desperate. The following day, Mexican authorities removed Nsakala and her child from the protest site and took them to a government-run shelter.

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The protest here has sparked periodic clashes with Mexican authorities, who view the Africans as illegal squatters. The migrants cook on open campfires and metal braziers with coal and firewood. Women often pool cash to make market runs for food. Leaky tents and a pink plastic tarpaulin offer scant shelter during daily tropical downpours. Mexico has provided little aid beyond setting up some portable toilets and an on-site ambulance for medical treatment.

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A single trash can, buzzing with flies, serves much of the encampment. Authorities have offered the possibility of asylum in Mexico, but the Africans have refused, said Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican foreign secretary.