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Alternatively, you may order a certificate remotely via mail, online or phone application processing. Birth records become public after years. All other birth records are closed and certified copies may only be obtained if you are legally entitled and present the required personal documentation see below and fees. For births that occurred in DC You do not need to provide the actual certificate to show proof of a relationship. You can order your own birth certificate.

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You need to be at least 18 years of age and have identification documents see below that match the name on the birth certificate. If the name on your identification does NOT match the name on the certificate, you must prove evidence of a legal name change by way of an original, court sealed legal name change order. For a printable version of the below requirements, please review our Identity Guidelines Information Sheet.

During your visit, you will be required to complete an identity verification questionnaire at our self- service kiosks. If the kiosk is able to authenticate your identity , you will be required to present at least ONE of the following forms of primary photo ID which must be original, valid, unexpired, and undamaged. If the name on your identification does NOT match the name on the certificate, you must prove evidence of a legal name change, like an original marriage certificate or an original sealed legal name change order.