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Pages recently added the ability to set page backgrounds, so you can give your document a blue or pink base color without messing around with full-page objects that just get in the way. This requires some explaining. A word-processing document allows text to be typed immediately, and text automatically flows onto successive pages as you get to the end of the previous page. A page layout document does not have this base text entry area. Instead, it can be seen as a canvas where you have to manually add text boxes to type into, and explicitly create new pages where you can make linked text boxes if you want to continue a passage from a previous page.

Page layout option is best for certain types of projects — posters, newsletters — for purposes that need more fine-grained control over the design. Page background controls are only available on page layout documents, as you can set a page background for every distinct page that you add.

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Now, on the Mac, it is possible to change any document into a page layout mode. On Mac, to convert any open document into page layout mode, open the Document sidebar by pressing the icon in the top right of the toolbar. Pressing this will show a scary warning that conversion requires deleting any body text or inline elements; this means any text not in a text box will be deleted.

Apple iOS 13 Major Update Now Available For Download: Here’s All You Need To Know

You can undo, there is no good way to migrate over. Ideally, you should remember to uncheck this box when you first make your document and you are staring at a blank page. With the document body disabled, you can now go back to the Format menu — make sure not to select any object. You will now see a Page Layout header in the sidebar, with the options for setting the background just below it.

Just select what kind of fill you want to change the page background. If you are using an image, you can choose to aspect fill, scale to fit, or tile if you have a repeating pattern like in this example. Of course, general rules of aesthetics apply — take note of contrasting colours to ensure text remains readable. If you must use a busy image backdrop, one tip is to add a drop shadow to the text to make it stand out.

You can add shadows to text in the advanced options menu, hidden behind a gear icon in the Format pane when editing text. If you have a page layout document already in iCloud Drive, Pages for iPhone and iPad will happily open and edit them.

A new look

Services can be run from contextual menus in the toolbar of Finder windows, via a control-click, or even an assignable keyboard shortcut. Those actions can do just about anything , including run Automator commands, AppleScript scripts, shell scripts, or any combination thereof.

They have saved me vast amounts of time. You can choose from 43 icons provided by Apple, or add your own. For those of us who use Services today, this is a nice addition that will let us surface them more visibly in a few different places in the Mac interface. Viewed on its face, the addition of four new Apple apps to macOS is welcome. Most of all, the Home app—and accompanying Siri support for HomeKit—is a big winner for those of us who use Macs in a home filled with HomeKit devices. The Home app displays the iOS date picker, which is… not really an interface designed for a trackpad or mouse.

Notification settings in the News app happen in the content sidebar, rather than in a preferences window. Every app is a single window. And while some of the particular quirks of these apps may be ironed out by the end of the summer, the reality remains: Apps born of an entirely different Apple operating system are coming to the Mac.

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This move has major ramifications for the future of Mac software. Mojave is no different. Apple has built a new screenshots interface behind the new shortcut Command-Shift Command-Shift-3 and -4 still work as always. When you choose Command-Shift-5, a floating palette appears with options to capture the entire screen, just a window, or just a portion of a window—all features you could already perform, but only if you knew the right combination of shortcuts.

Providing visible options is a much friendlier experience. There are also options to start a screen recording, a feature that previously was integrated into QuickTime Player but now is more sensibly included here. When you take a screen shot, by default you will see an iOS-style floating thumbnail in the lower right corner of the screen, which you can click to open Markup and quickly edit or discard the image.

Remove a background color from text

Continuity Camera. Once you accept the premise that we have a constellation of devices around us all the time, software can be built to take advantage of that fact. Using the Apple Watch as a biometric authenticator to unlock Macs is a good example. With Mojave, the portable, high-quality camera in our iPhones becomes a feature of the Mac. Apple has updated several apps, including Notes, Mail, and the iWork apps, so they can directly insert images gathered by an iPhone on demand.

Your nearby iPhone will spring into action, letting you quickly capture an image or document, which is transmitted to your Mac and inserted right where you asked for it.


Multi-person FaceTime. At long last, you can now use FaceTime to contact more than one other person. I imagine that this fall, my daughter will be using it to chat with all of her friends. Mac App Store. The Mac App Store has been around for more than seven years now, and it has never proven to be the powerful force in driving Mac software sales that the iOS App Store has been for iPhone and iPad software. The redesigned App Store has an iOS feel, in more ways than one.

This really feels like a new start for the Mac App Store, but it will take time for developers to decide if getting in the store is worth the effort. Security improvements. Each app that wants to use those devices must ask and receive permission from the user before doing so. Many apps will also need to ask before accessing application data such as mailbox files for Mail , or running automation routines. Safari tweaks.

Exploring the New iWork for Mac File Formats

When you receive a text message with a code meant to be entered in as a part of a multi-step authentication process, Safari will automatically fill that code in. The app has been modified to make it even harder for people to track you across different websites.

And finally, you can now opt to display favicons in browser tabs. Signing up for a new service results in an automatic strong password suggestion. Mail improvements. Apple Mail will now suggest folders for you to file messages in based on your behavior, which is a really cool feature that I wanted back when I was filing messages in folders.

Recent apps in Dock. Beta software has bugs. Often, lots of bugs. Back up your data before you install. Use it early and often. The new dark mode alone is a huge change in what we have come to think of as the Mac interface, and the changes to Finder have an awful lot of potential. Support this Site Become a Six Colors member and get access to an exclusive weekly podcast, community, newsletter and more.