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It is extremely important to have all the necessary details for your car accident claim. Obtaining a copy of your accident report can provide you with proof of the accident, parties and vehicles involved, location, time, damages, and injuries caused. You will need to give the date of accident must be exact , location of the accident and the last name of the party involved. Records and Identification Division P. Box , Los Angeles, CA Yes, if you are looking to pursue an accident injury claim you should call an attorney and have them gather all the necessary documents and then set up a time to go over the details of the accident by setting up a free consultation.

A few details will need to be provided in order to pinpoint your specific accident report. The following details are needed:. Get a copy of your Los Angeles Accident Report here.

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By using the report number that a police officer gave you at the time of the accident, you are able to search for your report to download. Keep in mind there is a convenience fee in addition to the nominal fee to download a copy of your Los Angeles Accident Report. The case before the court stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the L.

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A divided Los Angeles-based state Court of Appeal ruled in that the list must be kept secret , even in pending criminal cases in which deputies with past misconduct were expected to testify. Supreme Court case, Brady vs.

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Maryland, which said suppression of evidence favorable to the defense violated due process. Mark Harvis, an appellate lawyer in the L.

The decision overturned the Court of Appeal ruling that barred the sheriff from giving prosecutors the names of deputies who had committed misconduct, including lying, taking bribes, tampering with evidence, using unreasonable force or engaging in domestic violence. By law, prosecutors are required to disclose to defendants exculpatory evidence, including information that could diminish the credibility of police officers who worked on a case. But California law has long protected the confidentiality of police personnel records, and law enforcement unions have sought to keep those records private.

If the information is potentially exculpatory, the prosecution must disclose it to the defense. Such records can constitute material impeachment evidence. Prosecutors have a constitutional duty to learn of any evidence favorable to the defense and disclose it, the court noted.

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Brady alerts help provide that reason. The decision noted that the L.

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Police departments in at least a dozen counties, including San Francisco, Sacramento and Ventura, have had a regular practice of sending prosecutors the names of so-called Brady list officers. The L. Geoffrey S. Sheldon, who represented Los Angeles County in the case, said he believed that most law enforcement agencies in the state kept Brady lists and, until the Court of Appeal ruling, alerted prosecutors when an officer on the list was going to testify.

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Although the court did not say whether prosecutors could share alerts with defense lawyers, Sheldon said he believed that would be possible. A judge would review them privately, disclosing only what was pertinent to the case. But if an officer was placed on a Brady list for racial profiling, and the case at hand had nothing to do with race, the information probably would not be disclosed, he said.

He said judges in more liberal counties will likely err on the side of disclosure whereas judges in other counties may be highly protective of police privacy. He noted there has been a national push for more police transparency, which in California led to the passage of two new laws last year that dramatically altered public access to police records.

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Senate Bill , which went into effect Jan.