1993 perryville missouri drunk driving accidents

Waves from the Mississippi River crash against a riverside road near Perryville. The water level in this photo, taken on April 19, was recorded to be During the flood of , the river crested at As of June 21, the river had risen to This river life photo essay was crafted over the course of several months.

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Nearly 9, people visited the center during the year. Effective June 1, legislation passed called for compulsory retirement of members at age Whitmer retired September 1. Hoffman as superintendent. Hoffman was appointed to the Highway Patrol on September 18, He was a district enforcement officer at the time of his appointment. The Highway Patrol began a concerted effort to locate and destroy marijuana fields in the state.

The Safety Education Center came into existence in April In , the Patrol began a concerted effort to locate and destroy marijuana throughout the state. The 55th Recruit Class began training on Janu- ary 3 and 33 new troopers graduated on April On July 1, an officer assigned to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division was designated a hazardous materials co- ordinator. A total of officers from the rank of trooper to lieutenant inclusive attended this course of instruction. The Statistical Analysis Center was established in A statewide DWI spotcheck program was start- ed in August.

These spotchecks, or roadblocks as they were commonly called, were directed toward those locations which had a high incidence of ac- cidents involving drinking drivers. As a result of 30 spotchecks in , motorists were arrested for drunk driving. Members were issued the B Smith and Wes- son Security holster and speedloader ammunition pouch early in the year.

The holster was of semi- high rise design for added security to the officer.

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The accompanying speedloader pouch contained 44 two Safariland speedloaders. An officer would be able to load six bullets from one of the speedload- ers all at one time into his weapon in just a few sec- onds.

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  6. Officers were issued an L-frame. It replaced the commemorative magnum issued in late Original issue of the. Legislation was passed authorizing the Patrol to sell its used vehicles to municipalities, counties, po- litical subdivisions, or state governmental agencies. A child passenger restraint law was passed to become effective January 1, This section would maintain records of all alcohol- and drug-related convictions whether in violation of municipal or county ordinance, or state law.

    Truman State Office Building on October The bureau consisted of eight civilian employees and operated seven days a week, from 8 a. A special display noting the members of the Pa- trol who have lost their lives in the line of duty was completed in the Safety Education Center at Gen- eral Headquarters.

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    5. One hundred and fifty new Ford LTDs were purchased as replacements for road cars. SAC is designed to provide research and information services to state agencies and local governments in the areas of traffic safety and crimi- nal justice. Trooper Charles R. He replaced Corpo- ral Reggie L. Woods who had resigned from the agency. Operation Cashcrop, a cooperative effort by citi- zens and law enforcement agencies to rid Missouri of illegal marijuana fields, was initiated.

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      Law enforce- ment agencies participating in the program were the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri sher- iffs offices, city police departments, Missouri Con- servation Commission, U. This marijuana eradication program has continued each year since The new frequency will provide additional car-to-car communications in future system plans. The 56th Recruit Class began training on Janu- ary 2, and 21 new troopers graduated on May Out of the 37 sergeants who participated in the center, 10 were promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

      The pre-employment testing procedures for the position of trooper were updated to comply with the revised Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedure.

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      Several officers were assigned to the presiden- tial security detail when President Ronald Reagan visited the Missouri State Fair on August The beep is to acknowledge that the radio did transmit, and in- sures that the portable and mobile radios are work- ing properly. Members of the Division of Drug and Crime Control did extensive intelligence gather- ing at the request of several law enforcement agencies. Members of Troop F were on hand to help keep the peace.

      No major incidents were reported. One of the provisions of the legislation increased the annuity rate used to compute the benefit from one and one-fourth percent to one and one-third percent. This new an- nuity rate also affected those members who retired prior to October 1, and in most cases, resulted in an increase of approximately 6.

      The Highway Patrol purchased an M ar- mored personnel carrier vehicle.

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      The vehicle weighs 15, pounds and can carry six people inside. It could be used to provide safe transfer and deployment of police personnel in hostile or emer- gency situations. Trooper James M. Froemsdorf, 35, Troop C, was shot and killed with his own gun on March 2 on Interstate 55 near Brewer, MO, after he stopped a motorist for speeding. Trooper Jimmie E. Linegar, 31, Troop D, was shot to death on April 15 while conducting a traffic check near the intersection of U. Trooper Allen D. Hines of This M armored personnel carrier was purchased in Froemsdorf Trooper Jimmie E.

      Linegar Troop D was wounded in the same shooting that took the life of Tpr. The suspect in Tpr. Froemsdorf s killing, Je- rome Mallett, was captured March 5 when he was spotted by a motorist who notified authorities. He was later convicted of murder and sentenced to be executed. David C. Tate, accused of the fatal shoot- ing of Tpr. Linegar and the wounding of Tpr. Hines, was apprehended on April Again, it was a citizen who recognized Tate and reported his whereabouts to law enforcement officers.

      Tate was convicted of the murder of Tpr.