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The woman, fearing retaliation at the Clark County Jail, reported the incident after she was brought to the Clackamas County Jail, the affidavit said. The Oregonian does not typically identity victims of sexual abuse. No cameras are in the Clark County jail's changing rooms or the property room outside the changing area, the affidavit said. The woman was booked into the Clark County jail the day before the incident from Cowlitz County, remained in Clark County overnight then was sent to the changing area about 4 a.

While the woman changed into yoga pants and a tank top, North opened a small door that would have allowed him to see her bare back and a breast, the affidavit said. He told her after she changed to remain in the room until a van was ready. The woman told investigators North's masturbation comments caught her off guard.

At one point, she noticed his pants zipper was down, mentioned it to him, then he pulled his penis out of his pants, the affidavit said. He put his finger to his lips indicating for her to be quiet, then spit on his hand and began masturbating, according to the affidavit.

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The woman said she was in shock when he came into the changing room and ejaculated on her, the court papers said. She said she was stuck in the room, and had she been able to escape North's grasp, she would have had nowhere to go, documents said.

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She identified North as the deputy who assaulted her. Her clothes was seized as evidence. Fearing such consequences, those vulnerable to deportation may choose not to appear in court at all, even where this creates cascading adverse consequences for them. Indeed, courthouse enforcement can contribute to the further criminalization of immigrants by creating a disincentive for them to comply with legal requirements that they appear in court to pay fines or resolve other matters. Federal court documents show that ICE agents observed him at the Clark County Courthouse on his scheduled hearing date, but he then left the court before the hearing began, likely upon noticing their presence.

The Clark County Sheriff subsequently issued a warrant for Failure to Appear, and he was arrested and booked into jail. He was released, sentenced in Clark County District Court to two days of partial confinement at the Mabry Work Program, administered by the district court; on his final day of service, Mabry officials notified ICE, who arrived to apprehend him. With only two misdemeanor convictions—for unlawful entry and Trip Permit violation—he was federally prosecuted for illegal reentry and sentenced to serve two months and one week in federal prison prior to his deportation.

Numerous national studies have denounced the degree to which the perceived collaboration in immigration enforcement by government agencies charged with upholding public safety has led to greater vulnerability in immigrant communities. Particular concerns arise around gender-based violence, since many such crimes are systematically underreported by victims, even without the particular vulnerabilities of undocumented people.

In May , a coalition of national organizations working to end domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking conducted a survey of advocates and attorneys to gauge the impact of heightened immigration enforcement on their clients. While these findings are national in scope, Washington was among the states surveyed, and local findings conform to the trends identified nationally. If anything, this suggests that courthouse arrests may have a negative impact on public safety—and not only for immigrants.

While fear of deportation is concentrated among immigrant communities, when survivors of crime are afraid to report incidents or press charges against their abusers, the effects radiate outwards and affect all Washingtonians. Further, public safety also relies on the integrity and credibility of the justice system as a forum to prosecute and defend against alleged criminal offenses.

It is legally challenging for state and local authorities to prevent federal law enforcement agencies from operating in public places, including courthouses. However, they can more readily curtail the extent to which state or local institutions collaborate in immigration enforcement involving the courts.

Concerned by the aforementioned indications that courthouse arrests imperil access to justice, a number of states have undertaken efforts to do this. Different states have adopted different approaches. In Washington, too, state and local authorities have made numerous efforts to ensure the rights of immigrant communities, even in cases where federal agencies may violate them.

Numerous jurisdictions have adopted practices to limit collaboration with federal immigration enforcement. In , the Washington state legislature passed the Keep Washington Working Act SB to extend some of these protections statewide. In light of this, we took a closer look at three counties where advocates expressed particular concern regarding courthouse arrests—Adams, Clark, and Grant—to gauge the extent of local collaboration with immigration enforcement involving courthouses, and the likelihood that Keep Washington Working will address the problem.

In some counties—Clark, for example—court dockets are publicly accessible online, enabling their use for immigration enforcement without direct contact with local government employees. In others, we found evidence of more active collaboration, including: formal agreements to share court dockets; sharing of information about defendants, including court dates, at the request of immigration officers; and proactive flagging of specific defendants for review by immigration enforcement.

In Grant County, formal agreements appear to exist between county officials and CBP, whereby the former share court dockets with immigration authorities to facilitate courthouse arrests. Watts, of the Spokane Sector Prosecutions Unit.

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I look forward to working together in a mutually beneficial relationship. This program is a success, I feel. These practices are not limited to Grant County, however. Given that all of the defendants whose information was shared with DO Waite have Latinx surnames, and that some were U.

But Yakima County Jail records do not specify the location of his arrest; if he were arrested at a Grant County courthouse, only ICE records would contain this information. In recognition of the detrimental consequences of the active involvement of local law enforcement in federal immigration enforcement, the legislature included significant prohibitions on such collaboration in the Keep Washington Working Act. While numerous Washington counties had already adopted many of these prohibitions, for others, implementation of this new law will necessitate significant changes to policy and internal culture.

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The new law became effective on May 21, and requires the Attorney General to publish model policies to implement its provisions within 12 months. Local law enforcement agencies will be required to adopt these policies or provide the Attorney General with their alternative policies for complying with the law.

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Yet initial monitoring and enforcement of this new law is likely to be a challenge. Whether it will be an effective tool to limit prosecutor engagement with ICE and CBP, or whether other means will be necessary to do so, remains an open question. But some measures can be taken to, at minimum, instruct security officers on the appropriate boundaries of their interaction with federal agents.

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Lastly, in many cases the collaboration of local government with immigration enforcement is passive rather than active. First of all, as noted above, ICE claims that courthouse arrests are necessary public safety measures, both because the arrests target individuals who represent a threat to public security, and because now that fewer jails are collaborating with ICE detainers, courthouses present a weapons-free zone where arrests can be conducted more safely than at large in the community.

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Our research shows this reasoning is flawed on both counts. Furthermore, many of these individuals were apprehended outside the courthouse itself, where their access to weapons would not be restricted anyway. Second, ICE acknowledges that courthouse arrests can generate alarm; its policy memo suggests that agents should refrain from conducting courthouse arrests in public view, and presumably, the use of plainclothes agents and unmarked vehicles is intended to render these operations less visible.

But far from increasing safety, secret-police-like practices raise a host of deeply troubling issues and render us all more vulnerable. As the aforementioned studies show, alarm is already widespread among the immigrant community, for whom widely-reported courthouse arrests generate waves of fear registered throughout the nation.

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Lastly, by making accountability near impossible, secrecy facilitates abuse. Their telephone number is The jail lobby is open Monday thru Friday from ampm. Hours will be posted in advance for holidays. Money orders may be sent by mail but must be filled out completely or they will be returned. Money may be left by credit card online by going to www. Deputy Area.

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