Vinyl siding that looks like a log

When shopping around for siding options, you have a lot to consider. Red cedar steel log siding is not only among the most durable options but also looks like real cedar. The unique three-color pattern replicates the grain of wood, while the hewing and chinking lines mimic the technical features of log siding.

Log Style Vinyl Panels

The red cedar color provides our customers with a whole new look. The woodsy red color complements a wide variety of natural settings, whether high in the mountains, nestled in a wide valley or tucked away in a cozy neighborhood. Although vinyl siding is one of the cheapest options on the market, it has its disadvantages. Warping, cracking and complete separation from the structure are all possibilities when vinyl is exposed to serious weather.

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While concrete siding typically does a good job of looking like real logs, it is highly susceptible to damage from water. If not properly and regularly sealed, the concrete can let in water, which will eventually lead to expansion and contraction, possibly busting the concrete off the wall completely.

We are located in Loveland, Colorado, and we ship steel siding orders directly to you, anywhere in the country.

Red Cedar Warranty As someone renovating your home or constructing a new home, you probably want to know that your materials are covered by a reliable warranty. A Reliable Warranty Combined With Outstanding Durability In addition to providing you with a great warranty, our company is proud to offer a high-quality steel log siding option. Made of heavy-gauge steel, the red cedar steel siding stands up to the harshest of conditions, such as: High winds Heavy rain Snow Ice Fluctuations in temperature In Colorado, and across the West and other regions where log homes are desired, these types of extreme weather conditions are not uncommon.

Therefore, wood is usually painted or stained to help create a moisture barrier. This allows moisture to infiltrate, which can then cause more lifting and peeling of the paint, exposing more of the wood and allowing rot to begin.

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To prevent this, the old paint or stain needs to be scraped off and removed every few years and new treatment reapplied. In addition, if too much time passes between applications of new paint or stain, the wood itself can become compromised, which means that the wood itself will need to be replaced. Replacement boards, labor for scraping the old paint and the cost of the new paint all add up to high maintenance costs over the lifetime of the siding. Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride, a tough form of plastic.

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The color is mixed right into the material, so it goes all the way through the panel, rather than sitting on top like a paint. Rain, snow, insects and other natural issues that can impact wood siding do not affect the vinyl in the same way.

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Plus, vinyl siding is also durable and long lasting. While wood is also long-lasting, to reach that timeframe, it would require restaining or replacement upwards of 13 times, while vinyl would require no restaining and virtually no replacement. There are many materials on the market that are marketed as alternatives to wood siding. Vinyl siding can be paired with foam insulation, providing superior protection against thermal transfer, creating a tight building envelope and helping keep energy bills low. In addition, if you are planning on selling your home within a few years choosing vinyl siding can also be a plus, because vinyl gets a very high return on investment.

TruLog™ Red Cedar Steel Log Siding

At the first, crucial glance known as curb appeal, wood-textured vinyl siding outperforms real wood in many ways. Vinyl is durable, long lasting and low maintenance. Vinyl siding performs better than wood in every way that counts, and it looks great doing it. If you are interested in cladding your home in vinyl siding, click here to contact Rollex today and gain all these benefits and more for your home.