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Dunn, this is the latest addition to a series of 11 books documenting Warren County Marriage Records as found in the Probate Court archives. The book provides the name, age and birth place for both the bride and groom plus the wedding date and information on previous marriages. For the first time, the names of the parents are also provided. The every name index includes the bride, groom and parents as well as the names from previous marriages Click to see more information in flyer pdf format.

Compiled by Arne H.

Each entry includes name, date and place of birth plus the name of the parents. These records are supplemented with 1, delayed and corrected birth registrations for the time period covered by each of the books, compiled from Volumes 4 through An every name index is included. Click to see more information in flyer pdf format. This edition add birth records found in Volumes 17 to 20 plus adds additional information for all of the 2, birth records dating from to that are listed in the book.

This book by Karen Campbell provides images of the obituaries and death notices found in the Miami-Visitor plus a name index, short history of the newspaper and genealogical information about the family of the publisher, John Wesley Roberts. The collection includes obituaries from the 19 th century. A collection of local history articles by the late Marion Snyder originally published in The Western Star have now been compiled into a 3 volume collection. Volume 2 is devoted to schools. Includes an Every Name Index. Each contains local news columns collected from The Western Star and organized by village.

Part 1 for each year covers Lebanon and surrounding areas. Part 2 covers other villages in the county. Compiled by Sue Frary. Includes plat maps of the cemeteries and a name index. Published by the Warren County Genealogical Society. Compiled by Warren Co. Society A Journey of Discovery. A collection of maps and histories of better known and lesser known Shaker sites in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan beginning in Descriptive of veterans. Compiled by Mary Everhart in Biographical descriptions and sources listed.

A Roll of Honor for each conflict lists those who died while serving their country. This book includes the Deerfield and Fellowship cemeteries. This cemetery is in Clear Creek Township. Names and dates are copied from the stones, recorded as of Hill Graveyard added in Names and dates are copied from the stones from These cemeteries are different from Vol. This cemetery in Lebanon, Turtlecreek Township, includes the names of the early pioneers that were laid to rest in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery and moved to this cemetery in This Miami Cemetery, Wayne Township book covers the time period of The names and dates were completed from obits printed in the Western Start and other newspapers.

However, it is not a complete listing of all buried in that time period. Births arranged by years. Layman Birth Records, Franklin, Ohio, Compiled Now includes the 2, records in Probate Court Volumes 4 This edition adds additional birth records to the previous edition plus additional information on all entries. Gives name, birth date, parents, locality. Alphabetical listings by groom and by bride taken from licenses and returns. For the 1 st time, names of parents are provided.

Every name index includes bride, groom, parents plus names by previous marriages.

The every name index includes the bride, groom, parents plus names by previous marriages. As available, each listing includes names of parties in the suit, grounds, children, judgement and the source of the data.

As available, alphabetical lists from the census records list name, age, sex, where born, month died, occupation, cause of death and township. As available, lists date of death, age, birth place, parents and source page number. Gathered by Ina Dearth and published Contains both alphabetical and chronological listing containing the name and date of death extracted from various Death Records.

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Index to Wills and Estates, - Each abstract provides names of the deceased, the executor or administrator and heirs to the extant named in the papers. Check dates as there is some overlap in the records. An index of 1, names giving township, page and record number where the individual can be found in the schedule. Vol 1. Deaths, Vol 2. Finding aid indexing plaintiffs and defendants from cases during the time period.

Alphabetical listing of children which generally includes birth date or age, parent s , out by age 16 yrs old , and by whom they were taken. Alphabetical listing of deceased and date, names and age or minor children, guardian and source of the information. An abstract of the remaining records of the Warren County Infirmary. By Dallas Bogan. Accounts of the different regiments.

Local Histories and Genealogies from. By Lindsay Brian.

Ohio State Records

Warren County entries extracted by Charles Griffen. The pair served time in juvenile detention centers and have since been released. Former superintendent Mike McVey had also been accused of misleading authorities investigating the case. Matthew Hoffman avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to the murders of two women and an year-old boy.

Hoffman is incarcerated at the Allen Correctional Institution and is not eligible for parole. The Kirtland cult leader claimed God commanded him to kill the five members of the Avery family on April 17, The cult duct-taped the victims, tossed them into a grave and shot them, according to The Plain Dealer. Jeffrey Lundgren and nine others were the subject of a nationwide manhunt that ended in their arrests near the California border to Mexico.

Lundgren was executed in Nine people died and 11 others were injured after Todd Hall tossed a lit cigarette into a fireworks store on July 3, Hall, who suffered a brain injury as a child, was ruled incompetent to stand trial. He died in after spending nearly two decades in a behavioral health facility in Athens, according to The Daily Independent. Bob Ney served six terms in the U. House of Representatives from to before resigning amid the investigation into the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. He spent two and a half years in prison and was released in Scott Moody shot and killed his mother, his grandparents and two friends at his family's Bellefontaine farmhouse on May 29, The year-old then killed himself.

Investigators never disclosed a motive for the massacre, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Daniel Petric was just 16 years old when he shot and killed his parents after they forbade him from playing Halo 3 on Oct. The Wellington resident claimed he had a video game addiction and that he had been playing the game 18 hours per day.

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In , a Lorain County judge sentenced him to at least 23 years in prison. The Toledo Blade's coverage of the Coingate scandal showed how Noe used cash and gifts to curry favor with state officials. John C. Stojetz has been sentenced to death for masterminding the murder of a black inmate at the Madison Correction Facility. Stojetz headed the Aryan Brotherhood at the prison, court records show. He and five other inmates used shanks to threaten a guard during a break-in to the year-old victim's cell on April 25, Jim Traficant saw his career end in disgrace in He then spent seven years in prison for taking bribes, racketeering and filing false tax returns.

But Traficant was acquitted after he told a jury he had been conducting a secret sting operation. Dean later spent four years in prison for his role in the Watergate cover-up that ended in the president's resignation. He later became an investment banker and author. Cepec became the first person to receive the death penalty in Medina County in 60 years, according to The Medina Gazette.

Cepec bludgeoned Munz with a hammer before he strangled him with a lamp cord, records show. Cepec has appealed the death sentence to the Ohio Supreme Court. His crimes occurred in Ohio and West Virginia. Hedrick died by electrocution, according to The Athens Messenger. Farmhand Louis Hand — executed at 17 years old in — is among the youngest people executed in state history. Hand received the death penalty for killing a 7-year-old boy with a hammer in Rockford.

Jacob Nesbitt strangled his wife on Feb.

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The Troy resident claimed he found Frances Nesbitt dead in a bathtub but eventually confessed to the murder. Jacob Nesbitt initially received a lifetime prison sentence but was released after 10 years, according to the New York Daily News.

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Ralph Ash has been sentenced to 22 years to life in prison for the murder of his ex-wife Tracy Heskett of Lewisville. Investigators found the body of Heskett — who disappeared on Valentine's Day in — in a burn barrel on Ash's property.