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Near the top of the inspector window, Use the layer dropdown menu to assign your "Background Image" layer that you defined earlier to this gameobject. Click its culling mask setting, and un-check "Background Image". This should result in the culling mask displaying as "Mixed Voila, this should give you your GUI Texture rendered by your background camera, behind everything else rendered by your main camera. And for any other additional cameras eg, other camera angles that you want to use, just repeat the last two steps on them. Query though, is there anyway to stop the clipping for a full background image when aspect ratio is changed?

It's much better if you set all the pixel inset values to 0, and set the scale to 1, 1, 1 instead. Otherwise, the background image doesn't adapt to different screen sizes.

35+ Simple Background Images & Stock Photos [Edit & Download]

The only possible drawback is that the background image will get stretched or squished with different aspect ratios than the one you used to create the game. I changed 'depth', no help. This solution works excellently. My only problem is when I go to actually make the background scroll, it stutters every now and then as it moves. Is there a better way to make the background scroll?

Code is below. Could someone update this for Unity 5? The Canvas component on the canvas object has a "Render Camera" property which needs to be assigned to the Background Camera. The old method does't work quite well in Unity 5.


To apply the same effect, you'll need Sprite with your camera. Such 'bare walls' productions may also have completely exposed lighting rigs, and no traditional masking, even exposing the exit doors from the stage. For technical reasons, some shows have a constructed back wall which looks like it's the back wall of the theatre, but actually isn't e. Billy Elliot. Also known as a Backing Flat 2 The money invested in a commercial production by a Backer.

Originally, a large wagon that carried the circus band in a circus procession. The term was first popularised by P. Parade viewers paid a lot of attention to the band wagon, so politicians started to use a band wagon on the campaign trail. The phrase 'to jump on the bandwagon' came to mean anyone who takes advantage of a popular trend to further their own agenda. The base coat may be a cheaper type of paint, to prepare the surface for a thinner coat of colour.

A Sandwich batten is used to carry a hanging cloth. It comprises two flat pieces of timber screwed together with the edge of the cloth between them. Also known as a Drama Cube or a Rehearsal Cube.

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They should always be 'run' with the hinged edge leading, to prevent them opening up. Book flats are free-standing when angled open, allowing quick setting and compact storage. Booking describes the action of opening or closing a book flat. BORDER A narrow horizontal masking piece flattage or cloth , normally of neutral colour black to mask the lighting rig and flown scenery from the audience, and to provide an upper limit to the scene. Often used in conjunction with LEGS. Spanish: Bambalina. Known in the USA as a Turnbuckle.

BOX SET Naturalistic setting of a complete room built from flats with only the side nearest the audience the fourth wall missing. French Brace , right-angled non adjustable triangular frame, made from timber, and attached to the flat with pin hinges. Known in the USA as a Jack. Often swung flush to the flat for storage or flying.

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See also Jack US for Brace. Often referred to as a 'Stage Weight'. Ofter involves spattering with paint to add interest and texture to areas lacking it. Theatrical scenery flat where the framing timber is parallel to the surface of the flat. BUILD 1 During lighting plotting, to construct a state from blackout, or to add to an existing state. The puppeteers are highly skilled and respected in Japan, and provide the voice as well as the movements for the incredibly detailed puppets.

About Bunraku. Using a computer to help with 2D plans and drawings, or increasingly for 3D visualisation of how a set will look, and how lighting will affect it. Marked as CL on stage plans. Normally marked on the stage floor and used as a reference when marking out or assembling a set. A chalked snap line can be used to mark the line in the rehearsal room and on stage.

The chain hoists are rigged to fixed points in the venue. Commonly used to lift lighting truss into position for touring shows or concerts. In Lighting or Scenic design and the Art world , Chiaroscuro means the use of contrasts of light and shade, especially in order to enhance the depiction of character and for general dramatic effect. Many painters are said to be masters of Chiaroscuro especially Rembrandt, Caravaggio etc.

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From the Italian words chiaro 'clear, bright' and oscuro 'dark'. From the Random House Word of the Day website. These are typically two part connectors male and female that draw together and lock. See the link below for information. Choosing and Using Colour.

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Many live event construction projects e. UK Health and Safety Executive website. CONTAINER Refers to an standardized shipping container, used for intermodal freight transport intermodal means across different modes of transport, from ship or rail to road. The most common sizes are either 6m 20 feet or 12m 40 feet in length, and 2.

They can be hired for very cheap weekly rates, but have high transport costs. UK: Cotter; In mechanical engineering, a pin or wedge passing through a hole to fix parts tightly together. Dance floor should be left to adjust to room temperature before being taped otherwise it will not lay flat. Many different types of floor are available, including different colours and degrees of cushioning, and the product may be known by it's manufacturer's name e.

Marley Floor, Harlequin Floor.

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German: Tanzteppich. This is a handle that has to be squeezed by a technician in order for a pre-programmed automation sequence to take place.


If for any reason the relevant technician is not in position, the system does not allow the sequence to run. DFR Durably Flame-Retardant A description of cloth which has been treated to be flame retardant, and can withstand a number of washes before needing any re-treatment. See manufacturer for full details. The cradle of a double purchase system needs twice as many counterweights as that of a single purchase system balancing the same weight. The wire running between the cradle and the flying bar is the purchase line. It's important that the DSM does not shout out the next line, while the lead actor is pausing dramatically.

See PLAN. In the US, the term "elevation" refers to a Front elevation. A Rear elevation shows backs of scenic elements. A side view of a set is known as a "section". END ON Traditional audience seating layout where the audience is looking at the stage from the same direction. This seating layout is that of a Proscenium Arch theatre. Also known as Proscenium Staging. The end-on stage can be split into 9 areas: upstage right, upstage centre, upstage left, centre stage right, centre stage, centre stage left, downstage right, downstage centre, downstage left. The ghosts entrance is from upstage left.