Marijuana and automatic arrest and pennsylvania

Philly Pennsylvania's costly war on marijuana consumers

Their job is to get the maximum sentence for the crime that you were suspected to have committed. If doubt can be raised by a strategic legal defense, your charges could be dropped altogether or your sentencing significantly reduced.

Under United States Federal Law, it is illegal to see drug paraphernalia or mail or transport drug paraphernalia, including importing and exporting. If you are charged for doing so, you may face both U.

Per Se DUI Laws for Marijuana

The bill also details two key pieces that have previously tripped up marijuana legalization efforts in other states: an allowance for homegrower permits, for individuals who want to grow cannabis in their own home for personal use; and an allowance for "use lounges", public or private spaces in which individuals are allowed to use marijuana which they brought to the lounge.

Elsewhere in the bill, colleges and universities across the state would be allowed to grow and process cannabis for the purpose of classes on the cannabis industry, or for other classes offered at the institutions. The cannabis grown by colleges and universities would have to be destroyed and not used, per the bill.

The stakes are too high for us to fail. If Pennsylvania legislators eventually pass the bill, the Keystone State would become the 11th state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana use. Street said this week that the bill currently has no Republican cosponsors, but he's "optimistic" they will come around. Street and Leach both have a history of pushing for progressive marijuana legislation.

Millennials bear the brunt of Pa. marijuana arrests | Philly 420

In , Leach co-sponsored Senate Bill 3, which eventually was passed and legalized medical marijuana across Pennsylvania. In , Street introduced a Senate Bill which called for the decriminalization of marijuana across Pennsylvania.

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Leach also launched a website , attached to his own State Senate website, which allows Pennsylvania residents to voice their support for the bill by becoming a "citizen co-sponsor" of SB As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 2, Pennsylvania residents had signed on. Let us know. Just having a certain amount of an illegal drug in your system in Pennsylvania is going to equate to a conviction.

Marijuana Arrests in Pennsylvania

The courts do not care about whether you were under the influence of those drugs at the actual time when you were driving in order for you to be found guilty. The psychoactive component of marijuana THC is maybe not even in your system during the time that you were driving the vehicle or certainly at the time the blood was taken from you.

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  • And if you have even one nanogram of that metabolite in your system, which is an extremely small amount, it is enough for the government to go forward and prosecute you. Studies have shown that chronic users, who have totally abstained from smoking marijuana for seven days, still will have the metabolite and even the active or psychoactive components of THC in their system seven days after they stop smoking.

    • Despite marijuana’s increasing legalization and acceptance, arrests soar;
    • Merely Having Drugs in Your System Exposes You To PA DUI Prosecution!
    • What Are Pennsylvania’s Marijuana Laws?.
    • Items That Could Be Considered Illegal Drug Paraphernalia;
    • A driver may have used the drug earlier in the day or a day prior.