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Many of these documents are now available online at www. Here you can find land records dating back to and court documents going back to The DMV is responsible for issuing conditional and restricted license and non-driver identification cards.

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What is the New York City mansion tax? Does the mortgage recording tax apply to co-ops? What is a good-faith estimate?

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Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act RESPA , lenders are required to provide buyers with a good-faith estimate of their closing costs within three days of receiving the mortgage application. Quicken Loans.

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Whether you need the phone number for LLC-owned properties or for properties where the owner is an individual, we have you covered. The Owner tab in our property reports will show you the real owner for LLC-owned properties. Learn more about Real Owners. Search any owner name and get a list of all the properties owned or previously owned by an individual or LLC.

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You can choose to search by LLC or by individual, since the ownership search returns owner records from multiple sources. When searching by LLC, you will get the list of properties owned under that entity, plus the real owner behind the LLC and contact information.

Create and export lists of owners and their phone numbers with our canvassing tool. Get commercial real estate leads based on your own criteria and reach property owners by relying on verified phone numbers.

Check out this tutorial on how to build lists of properties and their owners, and read on for some examples of owner lists you can access. Create your own lists of commercial properties and download ownership contact information, including phone numbers.

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For example, get your lists of commercial property owners in Midtown Manhattan. Or you can run more specific searches - download a list of office spaces in Downtown Manhattan. You can search commercial property owners using criteria such as specific square footage, number of units or stories, most recent sale, total debt, and more. Investing in multifamily properties can be very profitable, especially when you have access to in-depth property data and ownership records to help you make the right decisions.

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Find multifamily property owners with a quick search and get their verified phone numbers so you can contact them immediately. Finding land owners is usually complicated and can take a lot of research time. Spotting the right opportunities and investing in vacant land is easier when you can get lists of vacant land owners.