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The birth certificate number is formed by: A 3-digit area code number. A 2-digit year of registration, which is usually the year of birth. A 6-digits serial registration number, assigned sequentially to each birth as it is filed. Where is the document number on a birth certificate? Share on:.

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While newborn screening data are usually the first data available, they should not be the only data source considered for early data linkage or for populating a data warehouse. Birth certificate information should also be considered along with other data sources for infants that may not have received newborn screening or who may have been born outside of the jurisdiction and not have birth certificate information locally available.

This newborn screening serial number provides a convenient identification number for use in the DBS program and for linking with other systems. As a minimum, data linkages should exist between newborn dried blood spot screening, newborn hearing screening, immunizations, birth certificates and birth defect registries.

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