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Interest begins January 1. Tax payments may be made in cash or by check made payable to Worcester County.

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Box , Snow Hill, MD A convenience fee is charged by Official Payments. Properties are subject to sale for delinquent taxes that remain unpaid. An annual tax sale is conducted each year to collect delinquent taxes.

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Homeowners, regardless of age, may be entitled to a credit against their tax on the dwelling which is their principal residence. The amount of the credit is determined by the household income and the taxes levied on the home. A homeowner must apply for the credit each year, no later than September 1.

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You may obtain an application or additional information by calling A credit is granted to owner occupied residential properties for annual assessment increases over a certain percentage. If eligible, the bill reflects this credit. For further information call the local Assessment Office at All rights Reserved. The Office of the Budget has developed administrative guidelines to implement the law.

The following guidelines include the process for establishing and operating a Special Community Benefit District. Once the decision to enter into the process has been made by a community association, two steps must be completed to become a SCBD. First, a petition must be prepared, circulated and validated; and, second, legislation must be adopted by the County Council and signed by the County Executive.

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The central point of all districts is that they are formed to confer to properties special benefits not otherwise available to them. These benefits must be public purposes, much like the functions performed by a government. The formulation of the petition and completion of the signature process is one of the most difficult and important steps to be accomplished.

The petition must identify the properties to be included in the district and must set forth the purpose of the district.

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The designation of properties may be done several ways: 1. See Sample Petition following this section. The petition must also indicate the method of taxation for the district. There are three methods of taxation currently in use. The tax may be a uniform assessment for each tax account or each lot, or a uniform rate of assessment applied to the taxable base of a property. The first method provides for an equal payment for each tax account.

The second provides for a uniform payment for each lot owned.

The third relies on the taxable value of the properties to determine the tax due. In the last method, the total taxable base of the community is used to determine the tax rate necessary to support the proposed budget. The name of the community association that will be responsible for administering the expenditure of the special tax assessments must be specified in the petition.

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This association must meet the three criteria set forth in the Anne Arundel County Code Section The petition must also include an affidavit concerning ownership of property. All persons who sign a petition must own property within the proposed SCBD.

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Before circulating petitions for signatures, the community must consult the County's Office of the Budget for approval of the petition format. The Special Taxing District Coordinator will notify the community association that the format and content of the petition have been approved. The community association will then photocopy the final petition and provide each property owner with the opportunity to sign a petition. Every property owner should be given an opportunity to sign a petition, even if they have previously expressed opposition to the formulation of a Special Community Benefit District.

Petitions sent to nonresident property owners should be sent by Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Only petitions with current property owners' signatures and all owners of record signing will be counted for approval. Each property counts as one vote.

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For this purpose, "property" has been defined as that which is included in a property tax account. For example, if an individual owns two lots and receives two tax bills, each property tax account would constitute a vote. On the other hand, if an owner of two lots receives only one tax bill, that property tax account would constitute one vote. The only variance to this example is when a district is being formed on the "per platted lot" basis.

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In that case, each lot counts as one vote. The County uses the following criteria for counting votes in favor of the formation of the district:. To determine the percentage of votes in favor of the district, the number of certified petitions is divided by the number of property tax accounts to be included in the district. If the district is formed on a "per platted lot" basis, the number of lots represented by certified petitions is divided by the total number of lots in the district.

The signed petitions are collected by the community and forwarded to the Office of the Budget. The Special Taxing District Coordinator reviews each petition and ascertains that the signature names are the same as the property owners of record as determined from the Consolidated Property File and that the property is within the boundaries of the proposed Special Community Benefit District.

Once the petitions have been counted and verified and at least the minimum percentage of signatures has been certified, the Special Taxing District Coordinator will prepare a request for legislation to create the district. If the request is approved by the Administration, it will be forwarded for preparation of legislation. Upon completion of the required internal reviews and approvals, the County Executive will send the proposed legislation to the County Council for their action.

The County Council will advertise the proposed legislation in the local newspaper at least once a week for four weeks.