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Failure to comply with the dress code may result in termination of visitation privileges. Shirt and shoes are mandatory 2. Halter tops, t-shirt underwear type , tank tops, fishnet shirts or see through fabrics are not allowed. Shirts and blouses with an open midriff are not allowed. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed for men or women. Shorts or cut-offs are not allowed, except for pre-adolescent boys and girls.

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She said she would check with her clients for comment on the local contracts but did not respond after that. Kaelin and Mata both cited performance issues with Premier as reasons for terminating the contract. Mata said the Bexar investigation also played a part. He met with Premier officials about complaints before ending the agreement, according to correspondence the Caller-Times obtained under the Texas Public Information Act.

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Kaelin and Premier also tangled over payments. A new contract, with Keefe Supply, also is potentially more lucrative for the county. The new contract gives a minimum of 39 percent with the possibility of 41 percent after the first year. Texas law gives sheriffs sole discretion over commissary contracts. Commissaries supply snacks, such as chips, candy bars and soda, as well as certain toiletries, for inmates.

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Friends and family put money in an inmate's account to spend on commissary items. A county's proceeds must be used for commissary staff, social needs of inmates such as education or counseling , libraries, writing materials, clothing, hygiene items or other programs that contribute to inmates' well-being, according to state law. Kaelin said he uses commissary profits to buy newspaper subscriptions, televisions and uniforms.

Kaelin said inmates frequently complained about Premier's service. Under that system, inmates would order items to be packed into bags, shipped from San Antonio and handed out the next day. Kaelin said his office received numerous complaints about items being damaged or wrong. Keefe stores items at the Nueces County Jail McKenzie Annex and brings items around on a cart twice a week so inmates can choose and receive items immediately, Kaelin said.

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Premier's accounting system also allowed inmates to buy on credit, and as a result some inmates would leave custody owing money to Nueces County, Kaelin said. Keefe's system charges inmates' accounts directly by scanning a bracelet inmates wear. An inmate can't buy items unless there is enough money in the account. John Reynolds' plea stemmed from his demands that Premier Management Enterprises give charitable donations, campaign contributions and other money "so you can take care of us," in exchange for contracts to operate the jail and jail annex commissaries, which were under the control of Lopez.

Now a cooperating witness, Williamson told Bexar County investigators that Reynolds "asked for certain things" in exchange for awarding Premier the commissary business. Burch said in a recent interview that he believed Reynolds' representations that the checks were for legitimate charities. Premier's lawyers have denied any wrongdoing. After the scandal broke, Premier mutually agreed with the Sheriff's Office to prematurely end its Bexar County commissary contracts.

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Recently, Lopez pleaded no contest to taking a gift from Premier โ€” an all-expense paid trip to Costa Rica for golf and fishing. Lopez claims he was ignorant of how Reynolds was running his campaign finances. Under the parole rules, the year sentence would make him eligible for early release in 2. That is much less than the potential sentence he could have faced had he been indicted. District Attorney Susan Reed's office had threatened to indict Reynolds as a repeat offender because of Reynolds' previous conviction for falsifying a furniture damage claim while he was in the military.

That would have made Reynolds' minimum sentence 15 years, the Express-News confirmed. As part of his plea, Reynolds will have to tell all he knows to federal authorities before his Jan. Goals met -- Reynolds' plea effectively brings to a close Reed's public corruption investigation of the lucrative jail commissary contracts, granted in and by the board of the Benevolent Fund that was controlled by Lopez and chaired by Reynolds.

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She was given immunity from state prosecution. Reynolds will be required to talk with federal investigators about "all transactions. Lopez and Reynolds weren't the only one to benefit from their ties to Premier. Premier gave Curran the staffing business after he'd voted to give Premier an initial commissary contract. He later recused himself from further votes about Premier. In summer , Reynolds, in a desperate attempt to cover up the real reason he'd taken money from Premier, handed out envelopes full of cash to his friends, purportedly college scholarships for their children.

District attorney investigators said Reynolds concocted the Optimists scholarships as a disguise.

Bay County Arrest Report: November 2018

LeBlanc said Friday that he is cooperating with investigators and as such cannot comment on the specifics of the case. Reynolds sat on the board at the time. In June , a board member intended to present the board an analysis that showed there would be a decrease in profits if the contract were agreed to, according to the affidavit. Lopez, the board chairman and the skeptical board member sent a letter to Premier Management in July telling the company the board would not be awarding it the contract, the affidavit says. Soon thereafter, the chairman resigned from the board and Reynolds took over as chairman.

Reynolds then called a special meeting on a date when he knew two objecting board members would be out of town; and at that meeting, Reynolds gave Premier Management the contract, according to the affidavit. Twelve days later, Lopez and Reynolds attended an all-expense paid golf and fishing trip to Costa Rica, hosted by Premier Management, according to the affidavit. A person investigators believe to be an Alabama state senator also attended. In October , the contract was formally signed.

People will use every little piece of leverage they can. September 9, San Antonio Express-News Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez and some of his friends weren't the only ones in South Texas who enjoyed the benefits of helping Premier Management Enterprises secure lucrative jail commissary contracts, according to interviews and records examined by the San Antonio Express-News. Like Lopez, the sheriffs of two other counties awarded contracts to the Louisiana jail services company, and either they or their associates reaped financial benefits.

Those sheriffs, now out of office, also boasted to their staffs about going on a golf and fishing trip to Costa Rica with Premier officials, the same trip that last week forced Lopez to resign. Here in Kleberg County, then-Sheriff Tony Gonzalez, a close friend of Lopez, gave Premier a contract to run his jail commissary when he was in office in and has been paid by the company for consulting work of an unknown nature.

The associate, a commercial real estate broker who was appointed by the sheriff to an ad hoc committee that awarded the contract, later earned a commission from the sale of 56 acres where LCS Corrections Services Inc. In addition, the former sheriff's chief deputy won political backing from LCS when he ran as a candidate to replace Olivarez, who had stepped down to run for county judge.

Premier, which has come up repeatedly in an ongoing public corruption investigation in Bexar County for doing favors for influential people in a position to help the company, has denied any wrongdoing. That investigation, so far, has narrowly targeted only individuals in Bexar County, such as Lopez and his longtime campaign manager, John Reynolds, and Reynolds' financial relationship with the sheriff's wife.

Lopez, Reynolds and at least one of their associates helped Premier land the local jail food commissary contract in The deal protected him from further state prosecution; his wife wasn't indicted.

Bay County Arrest Report: November

Reynolds, who played a key role in awarding the contract to Premier, is suspected by Reed of bribery, extortion, theft, money laundering and campaign finance violations. An associate of both Reynolds and the sheriff, John E. Curran, voted with Reynolds on a jail board to give Premier the commissary contract, then won a contract himself from Premier to provide temporary workers for the operation.

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  6. Largely unexamined is the broader picture of how Premier, its owners, Patrick and Michael LeBlanc, and LCS conducted a business expansion with local government partners throughout South Texas. A closer look at some of those operations reveals similarities in conduct with local officials that have drawn none of the law enforcement or media scrutiny seen in Bexar County. Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin , who succeeded Olivarez, is among those who have been watching the news from San Antonio with keen interest because LCS is about to open an bed prison in his county.

    So far, no law enforcement agency has contacted him, Kaelin said.

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