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    Legal Document Assistant. Unlawful Detainer Assistant. Professional Photocopier. Learn About Notices. News Releases. Records are available for deaths occurring in Los Angeles County since If the death occurred outside of Los Angeles County or California click here. The fee is nonrefundable.

    A "No Record Statement" will be issued if the record is not found. Learn About Notices Payments Searches.

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    To request a copy of a death record online: Visit www. You mail the deed to us. We record and return the original recorded deed to you. A real property owner using a revocable transfer on death deed maintains control, avoids probate and saves money.

    Deed and Record begins new service to prepare and record revocable transfer on death deeds. A revocable transfer on death deed can only affect property owned at death. On death of the real property owner the deed transfers ownership without probate to the beneficiaries named on the deed. A revocable transfer on death deed is cheaper than a trust and does not surrender ownership and control as required in joint tenancy.

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    Revocable transfer on death deeds are for one to four family residences and condominium units but cannot be used for business property. These deeds can be revoked as long as the real property owner is alive and mentally competent. But theses deeds cannot be revoked by a Will. The document must be signed, notarized and recorded in the county in which they live.

    Since it is revocable, a homeowner can change his or her mind and record a new deed.

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    Up until now, if a homeowner died without any estate documents such as a trust, the estate, including the house, would likely be probated. Most homeowners in California are easily above that monetary threshold. Lawmakers say this new law will be a handy tool, particularly for single people, older people, widows and widowers.

    Most married couples hold title to their home as joint tenants or community property with right of survivorship, which means that if one spouse dies, the other automatically inherits the house as a matter of law with no probate procedure. While the new law may seem attractive on the surface, remember, as with many estate planning considerations, one size does not fit all. There can be many other assets in addition to a home, for example, which should be placed into a trust depending on the circumstances of the estate, such as multiple properties, size of the estate, young heirs, taxes, special needs heirs, etc.

    The law is set to expire on Jan. All deeds recorded up until that time will be valid.